How long, do you think, it will take for you and me, to break the boundaries which keep us so distant from what we are, from what we can share ?

Why wouldn’t we dream a little, in any case, enough for being able to build a common ideal which wouldn’t come into confrontation with men’s traditions and religions ?

Why wouldn’t we be able to progress on a great deal ? For instance, by accepting our common place while acknowledging our respective belief ?

Why wouldn’t we agree on a definition of God and let every people honour Him in his own way ? How is it that God reigns and man kills ? Isn’t seeking the source of our existence the most important thing ? Why are we leaving ourselves drown by models of society whose historical targets are smart enslavement and irrational productivity ?

I suggest love to you as the supreme tool of human intelligence, in order to build a better world, less whimsical, more humble and greater.

The force of love builds all that is good and long lasting for you.

Don’t you desire that ? May your children be free and live with no fear nor worry in a preserved environment ,venerated for what it represents : a material source of life and an echo from God.

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I have a plan.


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